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Heat warning

Environment and Climate Change Canada has put out a heat warning for Wednesday, with an expected daytime high of 40°C with the humidex factor, as well as an overnight temperature of 20°C. Air quality is not expected to be an issue during this period.Who is most vulnerable to heat?

  • People aged 65 and over or with reduced mobility
  • People with chronic diseases
  • People with mental health problems and alcohol or drug addiction
  • Children 0 to 4 years old

How to help people vulnerable to heat?

  • Check in on them regularly.
  • Make sure they are following prevention advice and offer to find them help, if needed.
  • Make sure they can spend time in a cool or air-conditioned place.

How can you prevent heat-related health problems?

  • Drink a lot of water, even before you feel thirsty.
  • Spend 2 to 3 hours a day in a cool, preferably air-conditioned place.
  • Take at least 1 cool shower or bath a day, or cool your skin with a wet washcloth several times a day.
  • Wear lightweight clothing.
  • Reduce physical effort.

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